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Iron Curtain Trail 3 German-German Border Trail

Along the "Green Belt" from Lübeck to Hof

200 pages
Length: 1100 km
City maps, accomodation index, elevation profile, wire-binding
1. Auflage 2019
Price: € 16,90
To live, breathe and experience history in its purest form – that is the goal of the “European Iron Curtain trail”. From the Barents Sea to the Black Sea, this guide traces the history of the Cold War and takes you along the Western border of the old Warsaw Pact countries across Europe. The route does not just embody European culture, history and sustainable tourism, but also provides cyclists who are interested in history with some spectacularly beautiful and varied landscapes and unique habitats in the European Green Belt, which one is sure to find along the border strip. This volume describes the 1,100-kilometre-long part from Lübeck to Hof, where the borders of Saxony, Bavaria and the Czech Republic meet.