bikeline Cycling Guides

The Concept for your Perfect Cycling Tour

  • every metre personally tested first hand
  • landscape format with protected spiral binding
  • accurate topographic maps
  • numerous town and city maps
  • accurate route description
  • comprehensive list of accommodations
  • background information
  • thoroughly researched and continually updated

How are our books developed?

We only write about what we have personally tested.

One of the cornerstones of our success lies in the thorough research. Ever metre described has been personally travelled by one of our editors and evaluated as to its suitability for cycling. If an official route does not exist or is found to be unsuitable, then we seek out an optimal route or provide alternative routes. A close relationship with local tourism bodies guarantees up-to-date information.


Route description and accurate regional maps as well as town and city maps.

Kartenbeispiel Kartenbeispiel

Our maps are made specifically for cyclists and allow easy navigation while providing route information about surface quality, distances, motor traffic levels, gradients and much more. Our pride are digitally produced maps which deliver an optimum of details while maintaining clear readability. To insure that you don't lose your way in urban areas, where even the best regional maps fail, we include numerous detailed city maps. If that still isn't enough, an accurate route description in the text guides you in the right direction. The information contained in the maps is added to by numerous, accurately researched and continually updated thematic symbols. Attractions, tourist facilities and important information is available at a glance.

Format and Binding

Designed for the handlebar bag.

Image descriptionAn important characteristic of the bikeline cycling guides is the landscape format combined with the patented spiral binding system making it ideal for the handlebar bag. The spiral binding which sits protected under the spine, allows the books to be easily folded, guaranteeing a long life – after all, our books aren't meant to gather dust on the shelf.

Background Information and Accommodation

Only well rested cyclists are happy cyclists.

There is more to a successful tour than just finding your way. Our guides inform you about attractions, places of interest, history and interesting information for the cycling tourist. This information is completed with addresses, telephone numbers and opening times.
Everyone who has been on a long tour knows how tedious it can be to look for accommodation. But we won't let you down. All our guides for multi-day tours contain a comprehensive list of accommodations with addresses, telephone numbers and a price category classification. Naturally, this list also includes guesthouses, bed and breakfast places, youth hostels and camping grounds. This should make it easy to find a place to sleep.

Beispiel Uebernachtungsverzeichnis

Routine Updates

All guides are kept up to date

The best travel guide is useless if it is out of date. Therefore, it is only natural that the bikeline cycle touring guides are regularly updated. On average, a new edition is produced every 1.8 years. These are not simply reprints. Each new edition is reviewed and includes new information and corrections. If need be, route changes are evaluated on site. An important contribution to these corrections is made by numerous readers who send us letters, which provides up-to-date information. This way, you have the most actual with each new edition you have the most current information with each new edition.

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