bikeline Panorama Übersichtswerk Eurovelo 1 Atlantic Coast Route
Eurovelo 1 Atlantic Coast Route
From the fjords of Norway to the beaches of Portugal

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Land: Spanien, Frankreich, Großbritannien, Irland, Norwegen, Portugal
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For decades, thousands of vacationers have enjoyed cycling tours as the optimal travel method, and their numbers are growing daily. There are countless long-distance routes and regions that inspire carefree cycling. The diversity is incredible! In a great many European countries, you can find bike paths running alongside rivers or the seacoast, following discontinued railway lines, around lakes, hot on the trail of art and culture, or in remote hills. The EuroVelo 1 – Atlantic Coast Route is the perfect guidebook for planning your next long-distance cycling tour. Browse through these pages and dream of so many unique cycling routes travelling from Europe’s northernmost cape, the Nordkapp, over the gentle hills and dales in Scotland and Ireland, along rock-bound coasts, and through idyllic landscapes in the Irish, Welsh and English interiors, before pedaling on through France’s regional diversity, following pilgrims’ paths in Spain and along Portugal’s endless stretches of sandy beaches. This comprehensive guidebook provides information about distances, route quality, traffic, gradients and remarkable sights along your way.