Danube Bike Trail 2

Part 2: Austrian Danube: From Passau to Vienna

160 pages, 1:50000
Length: 330 km
City maps, accomodation index, elevation profile, wire-binding
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7th Ed. 2017

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Danube Bike Trail

In the last decade the Danube bike trail has emerged as Europe’s most important long-distance bicycle touring route. Its popularity is due primarily to the Danube’s natural beauty and the wealth of cultural and historical sites that line its banks. But the large numbers of bicycle tourists visiting the Danube would not be possible without well-developed infrastructure and services. The Danube bike route has benefited from well-built posted bike trails and an extensive network of services oriented to meeting the needs of bicycle tourists. The following pages provide a few practical notes about how to use the book, and some tips on getting ready for the tour.

The Route

The Length

The total distance from the start in Passau to the final destination, Vienna, is 330 kilometres. This figure does not include about 160 kilometres of side-trips and alternative routes.

Surface quality and traffic

The Danube bicycle route is very comfortable to ride. Virtually the entire distance follows paved bicycle paths or lightly traveled public roads. For most of the distance, a bicycle route is present on both sides of the river.

ADFC classification

The Danube bike trail was given a 4-star classification by the ADFC in March 2012. The ADFC (General German Bicycle Club) inspects long-distance cycling routes and rates them on a 5-Star scale, assessing criteria such as route quality, safety and signage, as well as gastronomy, accommodation and access via public transport. The classification is valid for only 3 years.


The Danube bicycle route is thoroughly signposted to show the way. However, it does occasionally happen that signs are missing or turned in the wrong direction. In Austria, rectangular green signs are posted along the route and in most places the route is clearly labelled the “Donau-Radweg.” Other regional bicycle trails branch off from the main route. Excursions and alternative routes often follow their own signs, and are also described in this book.

Planning a tour

The descriptions of the 330 kilometer tour follow the river downstream, from west to east. This allows cyclists to take advantage of the prevailing winds and the river’s downward slope (minimal though it may be).
The Danube usually has bicycle routes on both sides of the river. All of these routes are marked as part of the Danube bicycle route. Keep in mind when planning your route, that the hills along much of the way cause the south bank to be generally shadier than the north bank during the spring and autumn months. This book describes the routes on both sides of the river: the route on the northern, or left bank is described first, followed by the route on the southern, or right bank. The entire tour is divided into three sections: Passau to Linz, Linz to Melk, and Melk to Vienna.
The two sides of the river are identified as the left and the right sides, as seen when looking downstream. To simplify orientation, towns and cities are given with their kilometer number on the Danube (ex. Passau km 2226 or Vienna km 1929) and the side of the river they occupy (L or R). The Danube’s kilometers are also shown in the maps (|1925). The division of the tour into six sections is intended to aid tourists’ general orientation and does not necessarily suggest one-day stages. If you intend to include museum visits and swimming stops along the way, we recommend planning at least a week for the entire distance. The book also includes descriptions of short side-trips which offer riders opportunities to extend the ride according to their desires.
If the tour turns out to take longer than expected, there are taxi companies along the first stage that will transport bicycles if the need arises. The telephone numbers of these companies are listed in the information about individual towns. Rail lines also run along much of the Danube, giving riders the option of boarding a train to complete a stretch.


Oberösterreich Touristik GmbH, Freistädter Str.119, 4041 Linz, Tel:0732/7277-260, Fax: 0732/7277-220,,
Oberösterreich Tourismus, Freistädter Str. 119, 4021 Linz, Tel: 0732/7277-100, Fax: 0732/7277-130,,
Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH, Schlossg. 3, 3260 Spitz/Donau, Tel:?02713/30060-60, Fax: 02713/30060-30,,

Travel Agencies and Tourist Infos

Name Telefon-Nr
Marktgemeindeamt Ardagger (+43)07479/7312
Landesverband Urlaub am Bauernhof (+43)0732/6902-1248
Gemeindeamt (+43)07262/582550
Eurofun Touristik GmbH (+43)06219/7444
Gemeindeamt Pupping (+43)07272/2331
Pedal Power KEG (+43)01/7297234

Interesting Weblinks on the way

Ort Name Telefon-Nr
Dürnstein Richard Löwenherz (+43)02711/222
Dürnstein Sänger Blondel (+43)02711/253
Enns FERIEN- UND CAMPINGDORF AU-SEE (+43)07223/81802
Enns Zum Römer (+43)07223/84900
Klosterneuburg Hotel-Pension Alte Mühle (+43)02243/37788
Krems a. d. Donau Kolping Campus Krems (+43)02732/83541
Marbach an der Donau Camping Marbach (+43)07413/20733
Marbach an der Donau Zur Schönen Wienerin (+43)07413/7077
Mauthausen Peterseil (+43)07238/2864
Mitterkirchen im Machland Moser (+43)07269/8311
Naarn im Machlande OT Au a. d. Donau Au an der Donau (+43)07262/53090
Neustift im Mühlkreis OT Kramesau Luger (+43)07285/507
Obernzell OT Erlau Zur Post (+49)08591/91490
Passau Fahrrad-Klinik (+49)0851/33411
Passau Zeltplatz Ilzstadt (+49)0851/41457
Pupping Dieplinger (+43)07272/2324
Pupping Haus Webinger (+43)07272/4279
Regensburg BIKEAMBULANZ - BIKEHAUS GmbH (+49)0941/5998808
Wallsee-Sindelburg OT Wallsee Sengstbratl (+43)07433/2203
Wien OT 2. Bezirk Praterstern (+43)01/2140123
Wien OT 9. Bezirk Mozart (+43)01/3171537