Travelling on EuroVelo routes

Are you planing a cycling trip across Europe? If so, the EuroVelo cycle network might be ideal for you.

The EuroVelo cycle routes cross all European countries. Parts of them are often known by other names, such as the Danube Bike Trail, the Loire by Bike (Loire à Vélo) and the North Sea Cycle Route.

We have listed for you all our titles describing sections of EuroVelo routes. Our bikeline cycling guides help you prepare your cycling trip and take you to 31 countries of the network. The cycle routes through Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Romania are fully described in bikeline cycling guides.

We wish you a great journey on EuroVelo routes and are delighted to be working regularly with the EuroVelo team!

The bikeline team

Where bikeline takes you

EuroVelo 1: Atlantic Coast-Route

EuroVelo 2: Capitals Route

EuroVelo 3: Pilgrims Route

EuroVelo 4: Central Europe Route

EuroVelo 5: Via Romea Francigena

EuroVelo 6: Atlantic-Black Sea

EuroVelo 7: Sun Route

EuroVelo 8: Mediterranean Route

EuroVelo 9: Baltic-Adriatic

EuroVelo 10: Baltic Sea Cycle Route

EuroVelo 12: North sea Cycle Route

EuroVelo 13: Iron Curtain Trail

EuroVelo 14: Waters of Central Europe Route

EuroVelo 15: Rhine Cycle Route

EuroVelo 17: Rhone Cycle Route

EuroVelo 19: Meuse Cycle Route

EuroVelo, the European cycle route network

EuroVelo Schematic Diagram 2023